At Tailored Staffing Services we partner with people and organizations to maximize their true potential. Join our team today, where moving people forward is our top priority.

Tailored Staffing Services is a full-service employment solutions organization. We work with warehouse manufacturing and logistics, hospitality, skilled trades, and professional industries to meet the needs of all our customers and employees. We utilize a unique approach to staffing to facilitate workforce development and career solutions for all types of job seekers and businesses.

Meet Your Staffing Team

Our team has decades of experience in all arenas of the staffing industry. We understand the needs of job seekers and businesses. Our Founder and President, Krista Brown has a true passion for people. At Tailored Staffing, we believe in investing in our employees. We have a team of experienced individuals who share our passion for people and our community.

What Makes Us Different?

We are a team of workforce specialists that understands the needs of both our employees and our customers through decades of hands on experience. Tailored Staffing works to improve the skills and lives of our employees. By developing the skills of our workforce, we are able to facilitate a more loyal, experienced, and dedicated workforce for our customers while providing our employees an unparalleled opportunity for career growth.

People First

At Tailored Staffing, we strive to leave each person we encounter better than we found them.

Skills Training

Our “Earn while you learn” program allows our employees to train on specialized forklift equipment by a certified OSHA trainer.

Industry Specialists

We have an expert on our team in each industry we serve, creating a business partner, not just an employment agency.

Available Job Types

Tailored Staffing specializes in logistics, manufacturing, hospitality/hotel, professional, and skilled trades such as heavy machine operators and port staffing. Need a TWIC card? We can assist you with that too! We take the extra steps needed to ensure our employee’s succeed in their careers.


Laborers, machine operators, forklift driver

Warehouse and manufacturing

Pickers, Packers, Forklift Drivers, Quality Control, Inventory, Auditors, Shipping Clerks, Warehouse Management


Cooks, Dishwashers, Front Desk Clerks, Janitorial


Professional Office Staff, Accounting, Dispatchers

Skilled Trades

Heavy Machine Operators, Skilled Port Positions (TWIC Required).

Training Programs

Tailored Staffing has warehouse space where our employees can work with a certified trainer to learn to effectively operate specific forklifts. We also extend our training program to local businesses who do not have a local trainer. We have the capacity to bring in industry specific equipment if your business operates specialty forklifts and have specific training needs.